Connecting blood donors with the lives that they save.

About Lynk

Lynk is a new way for blood donors to realise the difference they have made in this world by the simple act of donating blood. Many times blood donors donate their time, as well as their blood to help others in need without ever really realising the effect that they have on somebody elses life. Lynk fixes this.

With a Lynk account you can track where your blood has gone and the people it has been used to help. For confidentiality the names and other personaly details are not recorded or released although with lynk you will be able to know which hospital your blood was used in, along with they way in which it was used. Imagine knowing your blood helped someone recover from life saving surgery or an unexpected car accident that without your help would have ended someones life.

What we do

What Lynk does

Saving Lives

With the increased knowledge of where your blood is being used people have an even greater sense of fufilment when they donate and want to come back again and again to continue to help save lives.

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Workers at hospitals and recipients of blood donations are even happier that they are in a small way able to thank the person that has helped to save their life by letting them know how their blood was used.

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With the increased enthusiasm that knowing where your blood donations are going, more and more people are wanting to donate blood allowing for more staff, which in turn decreases wait times and helps everyone have a more nejoyable experience.

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